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Allergen Information

Chocolate Chips:
We use Ghiradelli chocolate chips in our products. They do not contain milk or nuts. They are manufactured on the same product line as their milk chocolate and thoroughly clean the product line between processes. There are no nuts used on this product line, however there are nuts in the facility. This manufacturing facility has coconut, hazelnuts, and almonds.

We recommend Crisco butter flavor shortening for a product most like one made with butter. This product does contain soy. For a soy free experience, we suggest you substitute with Spectrum, Ghee, or Coconut Oil.

For those recipes which include oil in the baking process as an ingredient, we recommend a corn oil. Vegetable oil works just as well, but the primary ingredient is soybean oil, which is a major allergen. In a finished process, like for brushing the top of the focaccia, we recommend an olive oil that will have a light aromatic flavor and is pleasant to the palate.

Many of our recipes include eggs, specifically whole eggs. The proteins found naturally within eggs have many healthful benefits and give our breads more staying power in your system. Alternatives such as egg replacer have not been tested in our development kitchen because of our own allergy issues. Feedback on results using a replacer is welcome.

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